Reinvention… Renovation… Transformation



The journey has begun!


A metamorphosis has begun at the location where Rochester General Hospital, Rochester Manor, and Rochester Villa have served the community with excellence for over 100 years. It is an exciting and dynamic process that relies on our own team members, residents, and families for our reinvention, renovation, and transformation.


The reinvention of Rochester Manor + Villa is more than just a fresh logo and new paint; it is an ongoing philosophical change that places our guests, residents and their families, and direct care givers at the center of decision making.


The ongoing renovations, along with the major improvements that have taken place, have been created with input from Rochester Manor + Villa residents, guests, families, team members, partners, and friends. In short, we have renovated our building with their ideas in mind!


The transformation from an institution to a true community involves offering the choices our residents and guests deserve. In doing so, an enormous amount of education and training is taking place in addition to our physical renovation.


While the dust has cleared, the journey never ends. We trust you will love where Rochester Manor + Villa is headed and sincerely hope you will travel the wonderful journey with us.