When is the right time to consider moving into a personal care home?

  • When you are weary of household chores and the stresses of home/apartment upkeep.
  • When the idea of having home-cooked meals served to you three times a day sounds good.
  • When the idea of having a helping hand around to take care of medication management, chores, meal preparation, and other daily assistance sounds good.
  • When you are interested in someone else taking the worry away from medication ordering, management, delivery and proper time administration.
  • When you would like the option to have a primary care physician, dentist, podiatrist, audiologist, and optometrist see you for services without having to leave your home.
  • You are bored with being alone and having nothing but a television for company? Want to live, enjoy the companionship of others, and experience new life with spontaneous and planned social activities, wonderful in-house events, outings, and field trips.


Caregiver or family member signs that it is time to consider personal care for your loved one:

  • Frequent falls
  • Decline in overall health or worsening health condition
  • Frequent hospitalizations
  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Wearing the same clothes
  • Basic hygiene concerns
  • Lack of food or out dated food
  • Medication not being taken or not taken properly
  • Unclean or cluttered house or living conditions
  • unpaid bills or unopened mail
  • worry about family member being alone
  • caregiver stress
  • withdrawn socially from family, friends or activities that they usually enjoy
  • safety concerns with current living environment
  • increasing forgetfulness
  • cancelling or not showing for doctor’s appointments


What if my needs or the needs of my loved one change?

Once a resident of Rochester Villa, you become a member of our Rochester Manor and Villa family. If you require a higher level of care or attention, we have the resources, experience, and services conveniently located under one roof. Our in-house Medical Director and care team will be able to follow your progress no matter where you are located within our community. Whether it be personal care, skilled nursing, rehabilitation, short or long-term nursing, hospice care, or other specialized service, Rochester Manor and Villa provides personalized, catered care with the choices that Beaver Valley residents deserve.