Synchrony: A revolutionary treatment program for individuals with swallowing disorders


Imagine not being able to share a meal with friends or family, or having to eat through a tube. These are just some of the social, emotional and physical challenges individuals with swallowing disorders — also known as “dysphagia”— face each day. Fortunately, there is new hope for the more than 15 million American — with more than on million new cases each year — who suffer from swallowing disorders.


Rochester Manor + Villa is excited to announce the introduction of the Synchrony Dysphagia Solution, a new therapy program to treat this prevalent disease. RM+V is the only provider in the area to offer this revolutionary new program, which employs new technology based on recent medical science.


“We are excited to be the first in the area to offer this advanced technology,” said Mark Kopsack, President of Rochester Manor + Villa. “We are committed to leading edge therapies, like the Synchrony program, that can help improve function and quality of life for our residents and rehabilitation patients.”


Swallowing disorders can result from a stroke, brain injury, cancer or neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis. This serious condition can often lead to re-hospitalization, as well as serious complications such as dehydration, malnutrition and pneumonia. 


However, recent medical research has shown that dysphagia can be effectively treated. These treatments include guided biofeedback, which is used in RM+V’s program. The new Synchrony program uses a virtual-reality-assisted biofeedback system called OMNIsEMG that enables patients to “see” their swallows on a large color monitor. This unique technology — the first of its kind worldwide — enables Speech Language Pathologists and their patients to identify the muscle activity and coordination required for normal swallowing. Patients also participate in game-like interactive exercises that help them stay motivated and interested in the rehabilitation process. Patients think the activities are fun and challenging to they ten to exercise longer, which helps improve treatment outcomes. 


The Synchrony program at RM+V is offered in conjunction with Accelerated Care Plus (ACP), the nation’s leading provider of evidence-based clinical programs and rehabilitation technology. The treatment program is eligible for reimbursement by Medicare and most commercial insurers. For more information about RM+V’s new program for swallowing disorders, please contact our Admissions Team at 724-775-6400.