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Steps Taken to Protect and Isolate Rochester Manor + Villa Resident Diagnosed with COVID-19

ROCHESTER, PA – A Rochester Manor + Villa resident has tested positive today for the Coronavirus. Company officials have notified all local and state health departments and quickly quarantined the resident in a secure, isolated unit. The resident is now protected within a re-opened personal care wing which had been prepared ahead of time in case of a COVID-19 event.
“We treasure every single one of our residents and have taken extra precautions since the outbreak to protect their welfare, safety, and health,” said Kristin Goldstrom Oeder, NHA, MBA, Executive Director. “It’s critical for us to be transparent and let our community know what precautions we have been and are taking. We are actively monitoring all residents for signs and symptoms and coordinating closely with the Pennsylvania Department of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local health departments.”
Among other preventive steps which have been far ahead of government direction,, RM+V has required its staff to wear facemasks at work since March 16, aligned with public health guidance to reduce the risk of spreading as a measure of source control. In addition, since the start of March, RM+V has limited guest visits and food deliveries, and begun routine screenings to monitor staff for exposure and symptoms as they enter and exit the building.
Other precautions have been to test residents and staff who may be symptomatic or possibly exposed, holding virtual meetings for leadership teams, implementing strict staff handwashing procedures and other protective equipment including N95 mask, gown and glove wearing. RM+V medical director Christopher Gehrlein, D.O. remains on-site full time to maintain a high level of personal attention for residents while keeping proper social distancing protocols. Families have been encouraged to alternatively connect with loved ones through telephone, email, text, Skype or Facebook.
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