RM+V Certified Nursing Assistant Program


Certified Nursing Assistants are a critical part of our care delivery system, and more importantly, in the lives of our residents. 


If you are compassionate, professional and strive to make a difference in the lives of others, we invite you to apply for our new Certified Nursing Assistant Program, administered and taught by HACC. As an accepted program candidate, you will receive:


  • Paid training beginning January 2019
  • Paid testing for certification
  • Opportunities for Full Time, Part Time, PRN and Weekend Program, plus benefits upon successful completion of program


Space is limited for this highly selective program—apply today!


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What is a Nurse Assistant?
A nurse aide or nursing assistant is a very caring person who sees the purpose in his/her life as giving care and assistance to patients/residents so they may be comfortable, safe and in the best state of wellness they can be. These aides always work under the supervision of a licensed nurse. The focus of this 120-hour program is on long-term care facilities, although nurse aides can be employed in a hospital or other healthcare settings. Some of the basic tasks nurse aides perform are:


  • Measuring and recording vital signs (temperature, pulse, respirations and blood pressure)
  • Bathing (bed baths, tub baths, whirlpool baths and showers)
  • Dressing (from assisting with dressing to total dependent dressing)
  • Toileting (assisting with bedpans and urinals, providing incontinent care as needed, assisting resident to bathroom)
  • Catheter care (emptying drainage bags, recording intake and output)
  • Nourishment (feeding residents, serving meals, assisting with hydration needs)
  • Range of motion exercises and assisting with turning and positioning
  • Assisting in transporting residents in wheelchairs and in ambulation with walkers and canes
  • Bed making and keeping resident belongings neat and organized
  • Infection control and safety awareness


Aside from these tasks, the one fulfilling opportunity an aide will always have is talking to and listening to the patient or resident. These people are often sick, scared, in pain, confused, sad, lonely and experiencing very stressful situations. A listening ear and a hand to hold can often make a world of difference in someone’s day and life!


This is a physically demanding job. The principles and techniques will prepare students to enter the workforce. Speed and organization will come with orientation and mentorship at the place of employment.